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Local Governments and Service Delivery in Nigeria By Steve Ogah - Generator 21 Regenerated - THE WORLD'S MAGAZINE
This website is the ongoing online
Generator 21 Magazine.
Rod Amis, the founder, passed away on March 16 2010.


The website is now maintained on a voluntary basis by a small group of writers and the odd web geek.
For further information or to contribute articles, times and/or effort, please contact, thank you. 

Rod AmisA Brief History
of G21

Once upon a time and not so long ago, there was a man by the name of Rod Amis. As a young boy he was deeply fascinated by the life and achievements of Alexander The Great.... PLEASE READ MORE CLICK HERE

Rod's Own Hand writing Prophecy

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Generator 21 - NEWS June 2012

Dalo, a young Nigerian musician is interviewed by Steve Ogah - G21NEW ARTICLE
by Steve Ogah in Nigeria

Steve Ogah caught up with a young Nigerian musician and got him to talk about his frustrations and aspirations as he seeks to break into the already crowded music scene in the country.

Generator 21 - NEWS June 2012

Liberty LynchingNEW ARTICLE
by Steve Ogah

"Local Governments and Service Delivery in Nigeria"

Generator 21 NEWS October 2011
Liberty LynchingNEW ARTICLE
by Daniel Patrick Welch
"White Hats - Americans' remarkable incapacity for self-reflection bodes ill for the rest of the world".
 Generator 21 - NEWS September 2011
Liberty LynchingNEW ARTICLE
by Daniel Patrick Welch

"The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"
A Brief History of Generator 21A Brief History of Generator 21
Dragana Viconovic
Once upon a time and not so long ago, there was a man by the name of Rod Amis. As a young boy he was deeply fascinated by the life and achievements of ... READ MORE....

A Brief History of Generator 21Generator 21 - What/Why/How/Who

"This website is the best I could do to gather together the a complete-as-possible archive of Rod Amis's work on the web. Rod was an extraordinary writer, editor and publisher who helped so many new writers get their "feet on the ground".

The original website hosted at was about to close down a couple years ago after Rod's demise. However, I managed to download the large amount of files on the original server, managed to "get hold" of the domain name and set up this new website - - to house as much of the original material as I could organize.

I'm Kim Carter, I used to write the occasional article for Rod's magazine Generator 21. After Rod's demise, I inherited this website. Really, I just took it over because it was about to close down for ever and I know how to deal with domain name, web hosting and web server issues. I don't do much creative writing these days, mostly I do this, web hosting, web design, technical support, website updates and so on and so forth.

CONTRIBUTE! PLEASE, if anybody would like to contribute an article for publication here, contact I'd love to have fresh stuff to put up here! Thank You.



This is an interview with Rod when he was living at Union Station



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